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How $88 Lord & Taylor dress sold out immediately after 50 fashion bloggers all posted a picture of themselves wearing it (but kept quiet about fact they'd been paid)

Fifty top fashionistas all posted photos of the same Lord & Taylor dress on Instagram at the weekendThe retailer has admitted that the bloggers got

Inmate overpowers guard, escapes from eastern Illinois jail

Kamron T. Taylor was recently convicted of murder He stole officers keys and uniform being fleeing the jail in officers vehicleTaylor was awaiting sentencing when he escaped The 23-year-old

Arkansas man went into kidney failure from drinking a GALLON of iced tea a day

Doctors at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences found a 56-year-old man's kidney problems stemmed from drinking too much iced teaBlack tea contains oxalate,

Red Wings' Drew Miller lucky to have eyesight after skate collision

Detroit Red Wings' Drew Miller was caught by a skate in the first period against the Ottawa SenatorsThe massive cut required 50 to 60 stitches

Bentley slams Ford over Lincoln Continental on Facebook

Bentley executive called new Continental a 'copy' of Bentley Flying Spur Luc Donckerwolke put remark on designer David Woodhouses' FacebookSide windows of vehicles look similar and both

Back from the dead: 'Miracle puppy' that was hit by a car, battered over the head with a hammer and BURIED in a coffin, manages to crawl from her grave to safety

A beloved dog was believed to be killed by a driver, but days later, she showed upLeft injured after being run over, someone attempted a

Will Instagram force student to shut down his app? Photo-sharing site takes on 'illegal' service that uploads its images from a PC

$4.99 (£3.24) 'Uploader for Instagram' app was created by Caleb BennThe teenager is currently making $1,000 (£675.70) a day from the appInstagram allegedly contacted Benn

JetBlue pilot who freaked out at passengers during flight and told them to pray to Jesus sues airline for $16million for allowing him to fly with untreated mental issues

Clayton Osbon, 52, claims in a lawsuit the airline failed to recognize signs he was in mental distress before a flight in which he broke

Our ancestors DIDN'T grunt and mumble: Scientist says early human speech evolved rapidly into complex sentences

Complex human conversation began around 50,000 to 100,000 years agoProfessor Shigeru Miyagawa notes single words bear traces of syntax He says this shows the words came from

Guns, cocaine and death at 47 - the latest member of the billionaire oil family to prove that money doesn't buy happiness 

Body of Andrew Getty found in a bathroom at his £2.6m villa on Tuesday  Family history epitomises saying that money doesn't bring you happinessGettys have died

Legendary Hollywood make-up effects artist to auction treasured collection of life's work valued at $1 million

More than 400 items from Rick Baker's Cinovation studio will be auctionedArtist has worked on hits like Men In Black, Batman Forever and GremlinsBaker worked on

CCTV captures moment runaway cab kills a pedestrian as he is sent flying across the street

Male driver, 44, struck Kadeem Brown, 25, as he walked through the BronxBrown’s body flipped over once and then went sliding until he hit the

McDonald's announces pay rises for staff across 1,500 restaurants across the country

The fast food chain will pay a dollar over minimum wage at its company-owned restaurantsThe pay hike will not affect franchise restaurants, which account for

Could humans one day live to 500? That's what a group of eccentric billionaires believe - and they're spending fortunes on the research they hope will make it possible 

Quest to prolong human life indefinitely obsesses the rich and powerfulThe head of Google’s investment arm thinks it is possible to live to 500America’s tech

Hillary 'hid during Bill's scandal': Clinton told aides they would be fired if she was seen at height of Lewinsky revelations

Former first lady told White House usher she wanted to see him aloneNew book makes claims she spent hours reading and looking 'heartbroken'President Bill Clinton

Zulkifli bin Hir, one of FBI's 'most wanted terrorists', confirmed dead in Philippines

Zulkifli bin Hir was killed during a raid in January in the PhilippinesWas a member of the Al Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiah militant groupBin Hir thought to

Married teacher, 25, charged for sex with multiple students aged between 15 and 17 as police gather her Snapchat history as evidence

Kourtnie A. Sanchez, 25, was arrested Monday in Eureka SanchezShe has been charged with unlawful sexual relations and three counts of promoting obscenity to

NYPD detective is stripped of his badge and gun and thrown out of elite terror division after enraged meltdown against Uber driver is caught on camera

Patrick Cherry will be placed on desk duty before being transferred out of the NYPD's Joint Terrorism Task Force divisionCherry was investigated by the Civilian

Andrew Getty 'took so much coke I wouldn't be surprised if his heart just gave out': Old school friend reveals the party hard lifestyle of late oil heir

Andrew Getty, 47, a member of Getty oil dynasty, was found unconscious and naked from the waist down at his Hollywood Hills mansion An old school
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