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South Korea ferry disaster passengers' relatives pelt prime minister with water bottle

Chung Hong-won had a water bottle thrown at him in Jindo, south of Seoul, South KoreaFamilies of those missing are hiring their own boats to

Family of Utah woman accused of murdering her six newborn babies say they didn't even know she was pregnant with her two eldest daughters until she went into labor at the hospital

Pleasant Grove, Utah mom Megan Huntsman, 39, was arrested Sunday and charged with murdering six of her newborn babiesHer estranged husband called her Saturday after

FBI warns US students to avoid being targeted by foreigners as spies

Effort spurred due to the case of Glenn Duffie Shriver, who attempted to give the Chinese government classified information while he studied in ShanghaiIn 2011,

Two died of breast cancer after Rachel Rapraeger gave negative results to 1,289 patients

Rachel Rapraeger told authorities she was had a personal issues that caused her to be disinterested in her job so she became backloggedTo catch up,

Men today prefer cats while women would sooner own a dog

Survey of 1,685 pet owners suggests men prefer catsAbout 34 per cent of men owned a cat, with 33 per cent owning a dog36 per

Conjoined twins separated in Dallas are released from hospital

Owen and Emmett Ezell were joined at the abdomen and shared a liverTwins will spend next few weeks in a rehabilitation center while parents are

Pastel pink mansion once owned by Mary Kay goes up for sale

By Margot Peppers Published: 22:35 GMT, 16 April 2014

Rice every day helps you diet, says study

Rice is naturally low in sodium and contains no cholesterol or trans fatsStudy shows that eating either brown or white rice will improve dietExperts looked

Federal judge Anita Brody rejects NFL concussion settlement

Judge Anita Brody is skeptical that the settlement reached will cover players who will experience concussion-linked problems in the futureThe money is supposed to be

Pure joy when student with Down Syndrome, Noah VanVooren, gets into college

Noah VanVooren, 18, has been accepted into a four-year program at Edgewood College that caters to developmentally disabled studentsNoah has Down Syndrome and his parents

Contact lenses bug linked to BLINDNESS found to be resistant in lens cleaner

Bacteria that cause microbial keratitis can survive four hours in the cleanerThis condition causes inflammation and ulceration of the corneaIt can also lead to loss

We put cell phones before sex: The typical American revealed

By Annabel Fenwick Elliott Published: 22:26 GMT, 16 April 2014

Racy Subway poster for breast enhancement sparks MTA investigation

By Associated Press and Daily Mail Reporter Published: 21:14 GMT, 9 April 2014

Oregon man left owing $69K after 'IRS agent seduced him' wants to sue GOVERNMENT

Oregon man Vincent Burroughs says IRS agent Dora Abrahamson showed up at his door in 2011 to 'help him with his paperwork' after he was

Girl, 16, found naked on Berkeley, California, sidewalk after being kidnapped

Residents awoke to hear the teenager screaming 'help me!'Teen said she had been picked up in Oakland and dumped in BerkeleyPolice investigation possible kidnapping, robbery

Texas mother Pallavi Dhawanwas insists she did not kill chronically sick son

Pallavi Dhawanwas was charged with the murder of her 10-year-old son in January after police in Frisco, Texas, discovered his body Arnav Dhawan was found

Disneyland worker ordered mom to cover up her cleavage

By Snejana Farberov Published: 20:49 GMT, 16 April 2014

Death toll in Washington mudslide ticks up to 39: Another 7 people still reported missing

The death toll is up two from TuesdayThe local medical examiner's office said it's still trying to identify three of the bodiesBy Associated Press Published:

North Carolina teacher 'sent nude pics and video to former students'

Caron Elizabeth Blanton, 34, of Mooresboro, North Carolina, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with three counts of indecent liberties She resigned from her job

Nothing ages you more than dated beauty habits but help's at hand!

As women grow older, they must change their make-up routineTop make-up artist Sandy Linter reveals her 'anti-ageing' tipsBy Frances Childs Published:
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