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'Too much dessert and rice - but there's no cheese!' Woman eats nothing but 'emoji icon' foods for an entire week

New York writer Kelsey Rexroat consumed all 59 emoji foods during the seven daysShe calls the diet 'the opposite of Atkins' for its emphasis on

Twenty-five U.S. soldiers rescued after helicopter 'accidentally' crashes in Gulf of Aden

Eight Navy sailors and 17 Marines were on board and rescued  Some sustained minor injuries and were treated on the USS Mesa VerdeThe Navy says the

Ashya King's parents locked up for 72 hours after refusing extradition

Brett and Nagmeh King took Ashya from Southampton General HospitalThey are now being held in Madrid for 72 hours after extradition hearing They were arrested

Autistic boy dies in boat fire after parents struggled in vain to save him

Brian Birely, 59, and Karen Laake, 53, lived on the sailboat in and around Stuart, Florida where it almost totally burned Sunday morningAuthorities say an

'It's time to take back America': Barack Obama and Joe Biden use Labor Day to fire up Democrats ahead of November's elections

Biden and Obama gave speeches on the minimum wage to labor groups in Detroit, Michigan, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, respectively, this afternoonThe Vice President asked his

2-year-old Virgina girl dead after being left in sweltering van for 'extended period' as temperature reaches 90 degrees

By Mail Online Reporter and Associated Press Reporter Published: 21:54 GMT, 1 September 2014 | Updated: 21:54 GMT, 1 September 2014

Happiness is being in your seventies: That's when we rediscover life's simple pleasures

Study by Oddfellows shows Britain's senior citizens are the most contentMore than one in three over-70s told researchers they are 'very happy'Only one in six

Parents given sleeping room at Chinese university so they can see their children 

Many are from poor families and cannot afford the inflated hotel pricesShenyang Aerospace University in Shenyang in Liaoning, north-eastern China has given over use of

Beslan school hostage crisis survivors' decade of hell

Ten years ago over 1,000 people were taken hostage by Chechen militants at a school in Beslan, southern RussiaMore than 330 people, more than half

Ricky Gervais prompts furious online backlash after blaming the victims of celebrity iCloud scandal

Comedian told 5.99million followers they should not store nude photosWas criticised online for saying they should make it 'harder for hackers'After receiving backlash, he deleted

Forget Hello Kitty, now Japan spawns even MORE cat characters: So will kids be clamouring for Kumamom and Funassyi merchandise soon? 

Market for characters was worth 2.3 trillion yen (£14billion) last yearHello Kitty is apparently a happy girl and not a cat Little monster Pikachu hosted a

Arachnophobes beware! Shudder-inducing video captures close-up of huge spider guarding its nest as it is prodded with stick

By Trevor Quinn At Mailonline Published: 13:44 GMT, 1 September 2014 | Updated: 19:48 GMT, 1 September 2014

Is the braid the new blowout? Rachel Zoe adds complicated new styles to her DreamDry salon - and FEMAIL puts the $80 service to the test

By Annabel Fenwick Elliott for MailOnline Published: 19:29 GMT, 1 September 2014 | Updated: 19:47 GMT, 1 September 2014

Thomas Knights' photography proves red headed men can be 'sexy' and 'heroic' in New York exhibition

By Olivia Fleming for MailOnline Published: 17:40 GMT, 1 September 2014 | Updated: 19:37 GMT, 1 September 2014

Celeb hacker on the run: Mystery man who stole celeb nude pics admits he is running from authorities as 'deep web' hackers congratulate him

Man claiming to be in charge of group of hackers who stole nude celebrity pictures is on the runPosted early on Monday morning to confirm

Ashya King's parents REFUSE to be extradited as his family is banned from Spanish hospital

Brett and Nagmeh King took Ashya from Southampton General HospitalThey are now being held in Madrid for 72 hours after extradition hearing They were arrested

Why millions of Pakistani children are falling prey to vicious paedophiles

Pakistan is home to 1.5m street children, 90% of whom have been abusedNaeem, 13, from Peshawar was gang-raped by four men and is an addictHe

Hand of God meets right hand man of God Pope welcomes Maradonna and football greats from across the world to Vatican for inter-faith match for peace

Football stars met Pope Francis today ahead of inter-religious charity matchIncluded iconic former Argentina striker, Diego Maradona, at the VaticanThe 'football match with peace'

Ex-Apple employee named Sam Sung auctions off his old business card for $2,5k

Sam Sung, 25 worked as a specialist at an Apple store in Vancouver On leaving his job, he decided to auction off his distinctive badge

Romanian footballer's girlfriend in row over animal cruelty after posting bizarre picture of pet puppy nibbling her bra

Madalina Pamfile, 21, is girlfriend of AC Milan midfielder Cristian DaminutaShe posted picture of dog nibbling breast alongside caption: 'My new love'Later wrote: Envy is
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