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Lawmakers call for Secret Service director to be fired after barrage of failures in protecting Obama

Yesterday the House Oversight and Government Reform committee had harsh words for Secret Service Director Julia Pierson during a hearingTwo senior members of the committee,

Inside Liz Cho and Josh Elliot's engagement celebration - and doesn't Katie Couric look happy about it!

Elliott reportedly popped the question while he and his WABC anchor girlfriend, who are both 43, were vacationing in Europe early this monthElliott and Cho

New Jersey black bear shot with knock-out dart after it climbed up tree near school

Residents of Ridgewood New Jersey spotted the large bear on Tuesday The 300lb animal spent the day climbing trees near the town's school Animal control experts tried

Fire damages several buildings in Atlantic City

No injuries have been reportedTwo buildings partially collapsed just steps from the resort's boardwalkThe wind keeps pushing the blaze to new areas By Associated Press Published:

Yazidi girls reveal the hell they endured and witnessed during ISIS captivity 

Two teenage Yazidi girls have described the horror of being capture by IsisAged just 15 and 19, they saw men from their community mercilessly killed Both

Mother who failed to get her 16-year-old anorexic daughter medical attention is sentenced to 30 years in prison after the girl died weighing just 43 lbs

Georgia mother Ebony Berry, 37, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for the malnutrition death of her daughter Markea in June 2012She did not withhold food from her

Mystery of family found dead inside their home may NEVER be solved: Investigators baffled after they find no signs of a struggle or poisoning

Benjamin and Kristi Strack, 37 and 36, were found dead in Springville homeFound along with sons Benson, 14, and Zion, 11, and daughter Emery, 12Another son

'Fat fingered' Tokyo trader is blamed for £380 BILLION share trade blunder - more than Sweden's entire annual economy generates

Orders were made for shares in 42 companies worth £380 billionThe single biggest order was for £1.2 billion shares in Toyota MotorOther companies involved included

Housewife Jamie Jones became infatuated with murderer pen pal

Jamie Jones, 27, wrote to prisoners in AmericaFell in love with one who had murdered his wifeHer husband found out and banned her from writing

Rust in peace: Photographer captures the demise of America's crumbling factory towns

The Frank R Phillips power station in South Heights Pittsburgh first operated in 1943 providing war time energyLess than half-a-century later it was doomed with

Texas girl missing for TWELVE years is rescued in Mexico 

Sabrina Allen was just five when her mother, Dara Llorens, took her during an unsupervised visit and fled to MexicoThe girl, now 17, was rescued

Six-day-old boy hit by hunter's stray bullet expected to survive but will be blind

Shayne Iverson was just six days old when he was hit by a stray bullet while in his father's arms at his Pennsylvania home The hunter

GUILTY: Teen found guilty of killing newlywed soldier and his pregnant wife after they walked in on him burglarizing their home 

Macyo Joelle January, 19, was found guilty of murdering newlyweds Sgt. David Dunlap, 37, and Whitney Butler, 35January shot them both from behind after they

Tikker watch claims to calculate life expectancy based on your lifestyle

The Tikker watch asks a set of questions about a wearer's medical historyTheir age is subtracted from the results to get the estimated death dateCountdown

Nerea Perez drowned in vat of wine after becoming intoxicated by fumes

Nerea Perez, a wine specialist, was watching the wine fermenting process 25-year-old was overcome by the fumes and lost her balance at the cellarEnded up falling

The long and surprisingly glorious history of body art revealed

Tattoos have been popular in every part of the world since pre-historyEarly examples include the 3000-year-old inking sported by Ötzi the IcemanTattoos became associated with

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg to walk after 'new evidence' 

Begg, 45, is likely to be released from Belmarsh Prison later todayPolice and prosecutors received new evidence and have dropped caseOfficer can't release evidence as

'Healthy' red wine ingredient may combat acne making existing treatments more effective

Resveratrol, antioxidant derived from grapes, can kill acne-causing bacteriaSo-called 'healthy' antioxidant is said to help prevent cell and tissue damageCombining resveratrol with a common acne medication,

Lies passengers tell to get free upgrades on flights revealed

It is a move that we have all thought about making at some point during a long day of travel – a scheme that requires
Lies passengers tell to get free upgrades on flights revealed

Rescue cat adopts two baby rabbits by giving them a clean in video

Mango the cat licks and looks after baby rabbits during video Owner in Kentucky says Mango has a long history of caring for foster kittensThis was
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