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ISIS costumes for Halloween: Party-goers dress up in jihadist-themed outfits 

Social media flooded with images of people wearing Islamic State costumesSome hold severed heads in sick reference to terror group's decapitationsOthers dressed in jihadist-style robes

The Ebola age divide: Fatality rate in over 45s is 94% with under 25s having the best chance of survival

47 health workers at Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone conducted comprehensive study of Ebola patientsSeven of the team died during study - six from

Heartless parents tell their son he has EBOLA during Halloween prank

As far as creative punishments go, this one is pretty good. Or bad.  A video of a US couple telling their son he has Ebola as
Heartless parents tell their son he has EBOLA during Halloween prank

GMA triumphs in Halloween morning show costume war: Prince George and George Clooney lead GMA's celebrity impersonations

GMA host George Stephanopoulos put on some sunglasses and transformed into George Clooney in Times Square on Friday morningGMA triumphed in its battle of the

As Facebook reinstates banned breastfeeding photograph FEMAIL asks: Is there one rule for celebrity mothers and another for normal women?

The case of Emma Bond has reignited the breast feeding in public debateA picture of her breastfeeding her son was removed from FacebookMany women experience

Growing wealth of Asian nations is making their people happier

Levels of self-reported well-being in growing nations like Indonesia, China and Malaysia now rival those in U.S., Germany and the United KingdomStudy asked people to

Parachutist rescued from Missouri TV tower after two hours spent dangling 155 feet in the air in base jump gone wrong

The parachutist became stranded after attempting a base jump from a broadcast tower belonging to Nine Network of Public Media in St LouisFirefighter had to climb the tower to pass

Remnants of structures being torn apart by gravity seen 4bn light-years away

Scientists at Nasa in California have spotted evidence of galaxy destructionUsing the Hubble Space Telescope they saw the glow of orphaned starsThese were once inside

Medical 'lunatics' stocking up on Hazmat suits insist THEY are the only normal ones

Medics say US is deluding citizens by failing to prep for infectious diseaseThey hit back over 'doomsday' claims and say they are the normal ones 'It's

Derek Ward who beheaded his mother and kicked it along New York street pictured

College prof Patricia Ward, 66, discovered in Farmingdale streetSon Derek Ward, 35, had suffered from psychiatric problems for ten years Her brother said she had appointment

Are YOUR sexual fantasies normal? New study reveals what most of us think of (and the differences between men and women)

Study claims to scientifically define sexual deviation for the first time everCanadian researchers asked 1,500 men and women about their fantasies  Found most of us tend to think

Boston bomber's daughter and widow pictured out in New Jersey

Katherine Russell, 25, and her daughter Zahara moved in with her husband's sisters in North Bergen after the 2013 bombingsDespite rumors that her family was encouraging

Belarus town on Polish border discovers buildings were built using Jewish tombstones 

Jewish headstones have been turning up all over the city of BrestMany have been used in house basements and some as garden pavingHundreds were unearthed

Ian Jennings arrested for 'flying while drunk' after landing at Norwich Airport

Ian Jennings, of Hampshire, arrested at Norwich Airport yesterday afternoonPolice said alcohol in his breath was over the prescribed limited for pilotsJust two days earlier another

Reva Seth becomes second woman to reveal identity claiming Jian Ghomeshi abused her

Jian Ghomeshi fired from his CBC radio show Q amid sexual assault claimsSince he was fired, five more women have come forward to claim dates

Motion-detecting toilet lights up to ensure men never miss the bowl in the middle of the night

LEDs alternate between red, orange, green, blue, purple and whiteThey were invented by 23-year-old Matt Alexander from UtahWater-resistant LED is placed under the toilet seat

Scientists develop formula that neutralises ANY odour

Brothers at IBM in New York and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have described different smells using mathematicsThey matched chemical compounds to perceived

See adorable animals dressed up for Halloween

By Katy Winter for MailOnline Published: 06:23 EST, 31 October 2014 | Updated: 06:59 EST, 31 October 2014

Barbie themed hotel room in Hilton Buenos Aires comes complete with pink catwalk

Hilton Buenos Aires devoted room 136 to all things BarbieThe first room dedicated to Barbie in the world and costs from £112 a night The room

Photographer Peter Verhoog snaps selfie with passing Great White shark

Peter Verhoog took the shot while diving off coast of Guadeloupe, MexicoDue to high water temperatures, he only saw four sharks in three days Conservation photographer
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