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'Our car's on fire but lions are 100 yards away. So, do we get out or do we stay?': Mother tells how family day out at Longleat turned into a life-or-death drama

Family abandoned car as it caught fire at Longleat Safari Park in WiltshireFire occurred as they were driving through enclosure - home to 12 lionsWorkers

Prince George meets a bilby

Kate, William, and George visited Sydney's Taronga Zoo, to see the bilby enclosure and bilby named after GeorgeThis is the second official engagement for the

My mother hit me and made me kowtow to her... on my knees: Vanessa Mae reveals how her strict tiger mother slapped her face to improve her violin playing

Vanessa Mae reveals her mother Pamela Tan Nicholson slapped her during violin practiceSacked her 'tiger mother' as manager 14 years ago and pair do not

'Our father and brothers are culprits in this tragedy': Saudi princesses who say they are kept locked in palace without food or water make contact with the outside world

Sisters claim they are being held hostage for supporting women's rightsPrincesses say their family beat them and deny access to food and waterBy Josh Gardner and Daniel

Calif. customers hit with expensive Del Taco bill

A technical glitch caused a Southern California Del Taco restaurant to overcharge customer credit cardsAbout 150 people were charged thousands of dollars for fast food

Sophisticated meth lab found in million dollar lakeside home

Police discovered equipment and chemicals for making methamphetamine in a million-dollar Ohio homeMadhu Dutta, 51, was arrested for possession of chemicals for the manufacture of

Mount Everest avalanche death toll rises in mountain's worst-ever tragedy

Sherpa: 'A big piece of ice suddenly came off the mountain'A 'big chunk of snow that fell over us and swept us away. It looked

'Shrimp Boy' accuses the FBI of entrapment after being 'wined and dined' by agents with millions of dollars

The FBI used millions of dollars and goods seized in other cases in a seven-year sting 29 were arrested in the operation, which targeted a notorious

NASA engineer known as 'Apollo's unsung hero' for developing the moon landing strategy dies aged 95

John C. Houbolt died on Tuesday at a nursing home in Scarborough, Maine, from complications associated with Parkinson's diseaseis the engineer that pushed the idea

Animal rights activists protest outside Liam Neeson's New York home after actor came out in support of Central Park's horse-drawn carriage rides

Star publicly opposed city mayor's plan to end tourist attractionBill de Blasio wants to replace horses with a vintage-style electric carBy Associated Press Reporter Published:

Miss America asks school to reconsider their suspension of a high school senior who asked her to prom

Nina Davuluri was at Central York High School in Pennsylvania as part of a diversity eventPatrick Farves, 18, has been planning to ask Davuluri out

Record crowds of 80,000 descend upon Denver to mark historic 4/20 celebration of marijuana becoming legal in Colorado (even though it's against the law to smoke in public)

Annual 4/20 rally held at the Civic Center in downtown Denver on April 19 and 20, 2014It is the first since recreational marijuana became legal

Man, 20, accused of pulling the beard of a Sikh Columbia University professor and

Christian Morales, 20, was charged with aggravated harassment in agianst Sikh Columbia University professor Prabhjot SinghSingh suffered a broken jaw after being attacked in Harlem

Obamacare users urged to reset passwords to protect system from the Heartbleed virus

Administrators encouraging users to change their passwordsPart of 'an abundance of caution' being taken against the Heartbleed BugThe internet security flaw rendered personal data

GM delayed recall of faulty Saturn Ions that have been blamed for 12 crashes, new documents show

Company had received thousands of complaints about power steering Auto watchdog also failed to seek recall of compact carBy Associated Press Reporter Published:

Man, 24, pays the $974 remainder of his student loans in 500 POUNDS of pennies

Andrew Magbee, 24, owed $974 to Southwestern Christian University and paid it all in pennies He paid his $25,000 college tuition all by himself By Alexandra

US weighing military exercises in Eastern Europe

The U.S. may deploy soldiers for military exercises in Poland and Estonia within the next few weeksDefense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in the wake of

US drone strike kills nine Al in Yemen

The attack was  part of America's ongoing strikes in the country against what it considers the terror network's most dangerous local groupA security official investigating

Putin's' secret army. . . hellbent on war

Pro-Russian forces in Ukraine claim 'there will be war' with the WestOne solider claimed 'The West has invested too much in Ukraine'Vladimir Putin claims his
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