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World figures attend funeral of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew

Crowds of people waving flags braved heavy rain to see 15km processionWorld leaders paid respects at ceremony alongside 2,200 other peopleLee was the country's first

Mother says remains of missing 24-year-old daughter who told her family 'something was going to happen to her' has been found in woods

The remains of 24-year-old Ashley Jones have been discovered, her mother Cyndi Jones has claimedAshley Jones went missing last month and has three daughtersThe Floyd

Pilots are keeping health problems secret from airlines because 'gaping hole in the system' means doctors aren't allowed to report them, says air safety expert 

Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz tore up a sick note declaring him unfit to fly  Despite previous health problems, his GP was not able to inform LufthanzaConfidentiality

Elle-Rose Williams travels the world taking photos of 'thumbs up' at landmarks

Social media manager Elle-Rose Williams is from London and a bloggerElle and her fiance Paddy Moogan capture 'thumbs up' salute in every shotRound the world

Cops hand-deliver jaywalking tickets to teen girls in the ER as they were being treated after being hit by a car

Two New York police officers gave the tickets to Beanca Moise and Jo-Anna Thiboutot as they were being treated in the ERStruck by vehicle while

Unusual amount of cheating suspected at Stanford University

An unusually high number of students at Stanford University are suspected of cheating during the most recent termFaculty members and administrators of the prestigious institution

Hackers target ba customer accounts

Airline has moved to freeze people's accounts during investigationMeans top executive club fliers will not be able to use air milesBelieved attack was by an

Dorothy Barnett's daughter Samantha Geldenhuys meets biological father

Samantha Geldenhuys was born in Charleston, South CarolinaHer mother kidnapped her and eventually settled in Queensland, AustraliaDorothy Barnett snatched her from her father when she was

Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz wanted to fly a BIGGER Airbus

Andrea Lubitz  deliberately crashed an Airbus A320, killing all passengers The ambitious pilot dreamed of furthering his career to fly larger planes Fellow pilot revealed he wanted

Prison cell-fies of a heroin kingpin show off his flatscreen TV, cigars and Playstation as he parties with pals behind bars 

Convict Jason Crocker, 36, shared pictures of prison antics on FacebookHe posted pictures of his home entertainment system and other comfortsReveling in 'kingpin lifestyle'

The hellish task of identifying 149 victims: 600 body parts removed from site as it emerges killer co-pilot's remains have already been found

Forensic experts painstakingly trying to identify 600 body parts of victimsRemains will be photographed and scanned in 3D before placed in morgue It is hoped up

How to beat the dreaded jet lag: Infographic reveals how you can get your long-haul holiday off to the best start   

Plan ahead, gain daylight exposure and stay hydrated are good ideasBooking a night flight always helps you fight off jet lagEnsure you walk up and

World first as surgeons spot a brain tumour with a 'bleeping pen'

British surgeons use pen-like probe to spot brain tumours for the first time Laser helps medics tell difference between healthy and cancerous tissuePioneering technique could shave

The Syrian boy with a broken heart saved by by a British charity

Congenital heart defects meant Jansir was being slowly starved of airSince of age of four, he and his family had to live with devastating conflictBut

Michael Vaughan and Briony Clarke killed after NSW Byron Bay skydiving accident

Champion skydiver died in Gold Coast hospital after 24 hour fightMichael Vaughan was critically injured in an accident on Friday afternoon Friends and skydivers flooding Mr

Spectator dies at Nurburgring after British racing driver Jann Mardenborough's car flips into air and crashes into crowd

Horror rash at Nurburgring during endurance race kills one spectatorJann Mardenborough's car flipped up into the air during VLN1 eventBrit's Nissan landed in a

Alleged kidnappers of 'Gone Girl' physio 'sent email to her boyfriend detailing their motives to her boyfriend's attorney' - but police still say it was all a hoax

Denise Huskins was allegedly snatched in Vallejo, California, on MondayAaron Quinn said he received a six-page email from her 'captors'  His attorney Dan Russo said they are 'real

'Frat boy' BITES HEAD OFF HAMSTER in horrific video at drunken Spring Break party

Man filmed pulling live hamster from backpack and biting off its headCrowd screams 'so good!' and 'no way!' as he spits and throws the restPETA

Next stop, the Golden Globes: James Corden is tipped to host prestigious movie awards after dream start to US chat show  

His first week on CBS’s The Late Late Show has been widely acclaimed Already tipped as a front-runner to host awards next year, source says He would

'I felt out of place': Angelina Jolie gives insight into her misfit youth with empowering speech in first appearance since she revealed she had ovaries removed 

Actress recently revealed in a New York Times op-ed that she had ovaries removed to lower her risk of cancerShe has been hailed for inspiring
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