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American international ski 'ambassador' killed in avalanche on Mont Blanc in black weekend that also saw six friends killed in another accident 

Dave Rosenbarger, 38, from Oregon, buried by snow in ChamonixFriends dug him out and he was airlifted to hospital but later diedSix others died in

Joe Biden says he was BORED in the State of the Union address as he's invited on Ellen DeGeneres show to plug Obamacare (and wish her a happy 57th birthday)

Vice President surprised chat show host and gave her a presentWhen asked about role in State of the Union said he feigned interestAlso played coy

Sales of trench coats are soaring and there's one for you, whatever your shape 

The trusty rain mac has never really gone out of fashion, a constant British wardrobe stapleBurberry, home of the mac, have reported a 10 per

Virginia Valdez sentenced to probation after trying to cut off husband's penis

Virginia Valdez, 72, attacked Cesar Valdez, 64, with scissors in 2011The couple of 32 years from Palm Springs were going through divorceMrs Valdez escaped jail

Papa John Schnatter spotted eating competitor's pizza at Sundance Film Festival

John Schnatter spotted eating what appeared to be pizza at luxury hotelAnd not only that - but Papa John's founder was consuming it with

George Clooney's extravagant Venice stag party details revealed

By Jason Chester for MailOnline Published: 03:55 EST, 26 January 2015 | Updated: 04:09 EST, 26 January 2015

Jennifer Pan who hired thugs to kill mother while she shot her father sentenced

Jennifer Pan, 28, will spend life in jail after she was convicted in Newmarket, Ontario Saturday of first degree murder and attempted murderPan and her

JANET STREET PORTER says her junk's a treasure trove of memories

For many, January is a time to start a new diet, re-vamp your wardobe and chuck out all the rubbish you never useSome people take

Incredible recovery Kilee Brookbank who lost hair, fingertips and skin in home explosion

Kilee Brookbank, 16, lit a candle to get rid of sewage smell at homeHouse exploded, she was engulfed in flames, lost 45% of her skinDoctors

Mexican father has been living in a church for months to avoid deportation

Arturo Hernandez Garcia, 42, left his wife and two children and moved into the sanctuary of the First Unitarian Society of Denver in OctoberHas been

NASA photo shows workman fixing Mars Curiosity Rover, conspiracy theorists claim

New pictures have been released by NASA showing Mars Curiosity Rover The probe is currently on the Red Planet scanning for signs of life forms The images

Shocked diver finds amazing 10,000-year-old FOREST under North Sea

Diver Dawn Watson found incredible ancient forest under the North SeaThe 45-year-old discovered oak trees with eight-metre branches off Norfolk10,000-year-old trees appear to have been

Keira Driscoll dies from flu strain she was vaccinated against

Keira Driscoll, five, developed cough and fever at her home last SundayYoungster was prescribed steroids and a nebulizer at Quick Care clinicBut hours later, she collapsed

Parents of Kendrick Johnson found dead inside gym mat could face jail over protest

Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson and five family members are facing a host of charges related to 'obstruction' of a court houseKendrick Johnson, 17, of Valdosta, Georgia

Burger King gives customer Janelle Jones bag of cash instead of her order

Janelle Jones ordered a meal at the fast food restaurant in Rochester, New Hampshire on Friday and later realized her take-out bag was full of

Second coyote in as many weeks caught in Manhattan before being released in Bronx 

Another coyote made its way into Manhattan early Sunday It was spotted outside the ConEd power plant on the East RiverPolice shot it with a tranquilizer

Cop whose hilarious take on Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off' was recorded on dashcam delivers racy encore performance complete with girls in handcuffs

Dover Police Department Master Cpl. Jeff Davis recently gave an encore performance of his rendition of Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off' At a Delaware benefit event,

94-year-old World War II vet can't convince the IRS he isn't dead yet as he tries to pay his taxes

Ohio man Siegfried Meinstein claims the IRS don't believe he is still aliveIn April, Meinstein attempted to file a tax return online but the IRS

Four Baltimore children hospitalized after falling through the ice on a frozen pond into frigid water

Fire officials say two of the children were in critical condition and two were in serious conditionAuthorities say bystanders were able to pull three of

Seahawk's Richard Sherman claims NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's friendship with Patriots owner Robert Kraft means they will never be punished for Deflategate

Sherman said the pair's friendship would keep Kraft free from repercussions'He was just at Kraft’s house last week for the AFC Championship,' said ShermanBelieves scandal
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