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Wedding descends into brawl after 'drunk' groom gets 'touchy-feely' with waitress

Groom Mark Williams, 33, tried to force a pregnant waitress, 19, to have shots with him before getting 'handsy' with her, she saysThe brawl started

Joan Rivers is 'on the road to recovery' say friends who warn against 'ridiculous speculation' 81-year-old star could be left in a vegetative state after botched surgery

Friends of comedian have said she is making a slow but steady recoveryDismiss rumors she will be left needing a wheelchair after botched surgeryDoctors on

Man, 51, commits suicide in New York by DECAPITATING himself with his car

Tomas Rivera, 51, was found on Longfellow Avenue in The Bronx with his head ripped from his body Police say the Port Jervis man used his

Justin Bieber arrested for 'dangerous driving and assault' after his ATV collided with a minivan in Canada

Police say Bieber's ATV collision led to a physical altercation in Ontario on FridayPop star now expected to appear in court on Sept. 29By MailOnline Reporter

Dietary gap between the rich and poor is widening in the U.S.

A 12-year study has monitored the diets of high income and low income adults in the U.SThe widening diet gap between rich and poor is

Angelina Jolie in Versace wedding dress with Brad Pitt in first pictures

Angelina walked down the aisle to Brad humming 'Here Comes The Bride'By Hanna Flint And Louise Saunders And Carolyn Hiblen For Mailonline Published: 00:09

Skydiver killed after he was knocked out by jumper and failed to deploy parachute

Donnie Bragg, 27, jumped out of plane with two others above Polk CountyBut seconds later, he and one of pair, Tracy Sutherland, collided in mid-air Both

Aussie man wakes up from a coma after car crash speaking MANDARIN

Ben McMahon was the passenger of a car that was involved in a car crashThe 22-year-old was in a coma for more than a week

ISIS turned northern Iraq into 'blood-soaked killing fields', says Amnesty International

Amnesty International accused Isis of carrying out 'despicable crimes'Assyrian Christians, Yazidis, Turkmen and Shabaks 'risk being wiped out'Amnesty has released terrifying accounts from survivors of

Brazilian conjoined twin boys who share three legs, intestines, a bladder and genitals to be separated

Artur and Heitor Rocha, from Bahia in Brazil will be separated at the hipsEach will be left with just one leg, while the third is

Love letter from Liz Taylor to Richard Burton to save marriage

Letter was written on 10th wedding anniversary just days before they splitThe passionate letter begins, 'My Darling (my still) My Husband'The letter is now up

Joran van der Sloot shows new haircut as footage gives glimpse inside Peruvian prison

The Dutch national, 27, was recently moved to the Challapalca Prison after allegedly threatening a guard for confiscating his phoneThe footage reveals his new haircut

Congresswoman and double amputee Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth, 46, reveals she is pregnant with a baby girl

Duckworth and her husband Bryan will welcome a baby girl in DecemberShe conceived after going through 'all the different varieties of IVF'Duckworth lost both of

Inside bombed-out Gaza: One week on from end of 50-day war and the true scale of devastation is revealed 

Families in Gaza return to their devastated homes a week after ceasefire stopped the 50-day war with Israel Attacks damaged or destroyed thousands of Gaza homes

6 dead after speeding car slams into tree in Texas

The fatal single-car crash occurred Sunday evening in Dallas, Texas, killing all six passengersThree high school football players were among those killed, and have been

General Motors to fit eye-tracking technology that reveals when driver is not paying attention

Detroit car manufacturer is using technology made by Seeing MachinesIt will install half a million cars with eye-tracking devices over 3-5 yearsThey will measure eye movements

China opens £500m Haitang Bay duty free mall with Chanel on tap

Haitang Bay duty free shopping centre is located in south-eastern ChinaThousands rushed through its doors when it officially opened this weekThe mall features more than

Passengers force Delta Airlines plane to divert in THIRD mid-air fight over reclining seats in a week

Plane bound for Florida was forced to land in Jacksonville after disturbanceEyewitness said a woman next to him reclined her seat so she could knit, disturbing

What created the mystery Utah crater? Underwater hole may have been caused by collapsing soil that triggered a 'small eruption'

Crater was discovered last month by Gary Dalton of Circleville after he saw an unusual hole beneath the waterTheories ranged from Martian art to a

Simples as that! Family of meerkats execute flawless rescue operation and save all five of their babies after deadly puff adder slithers into their burrow

A venomous puff adder invaded a meerkat burrow in South AfricaThe adults launched a desperate rescue operation to save their pupsThey carried their five babies
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