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'He kind of tricked us all, into thinking he wouldn't hurt a fly,': says ex girlfriend of Pedro Bravo

Erika Friman said it was hard to believe that the smart, charismatic student she once dated was capable of murderShe said that he tricked everyone

Is this the most disgusting meal ever? A restaurant in Japan serves up a live bullfrog that has been beheaded then skinned and chopped into pieces

Bullfrogs are skinned alive and chopped to pieces in a Japanese restaurantOutrageous video of bullfrog sashimi goes viralAsadachi, the restaurant it is served at is

ISIS hostage Steven Joel Sotloff's friend reveals family's turmoil after journalist is seen in James Foley beading video

The video of Steven Sotloff, 31, released by his captors after the beheading of fellow journalist James Foley has thrown his family and friends into

Will rumoured iPhone 6 screens made from SAPPHIRE save smartphones from scratches and cracks?

Everyday scratches and cracks in screens can cost more than £200 to fixSo far phones have proved difficult - and expensive - to proof against

Insects infected by mind controlling 'zombie ant fungus'

Ophiocordyceps camponoti-rufipedis dubbed the 'zombie ant fungus'Controls the behavior of carpenter ant workers Manipulates victims to die in the vicinity of the colony, ensuring a

Does love makes sex better?

By MailOnline Reporter Published: 20:38 GMT, 20 August 2014 | Updated: 08:05 GMT, 21 August 2014

Fist bump: Furious reactions to Obama's 5-hour golf game overshadow his 5-minute ISIS speech as he teed off IMMEDIATELY after condemning American photojournalist James Foley's executioners

Obama was on the golf course within ten minutes of wrapping up his somber yet brief remarks on WednesdayThe vacationing commander-in-chief played 18 holes with

'Shot me now motherf*****': Shocking video footage shows final moments of African American male who approached police with a knife and was shot 12 times

The man shot dead by police in St. Louis on Tuesday has been named as 25-year-old Kajieme Powell St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has released footage

Reading on a Kindle can cause you to lose the plot: Researchers find electronic books make it 'significantly harder' for readers to absorb details

Researchers weight and feel of a real book could be behind the differenceEmpathy with the characters was relatively similarBy Mark Prigg For Mailonline Published:

Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling blames chewing tobacco for his mouth cancer

The 47-year-old shocked the world of Major League baseball when he announced that he had cancer in FebruaryHowever, he has revealed that he's been in

Fisherman left shocked after a giant grouper fish eats the shark they had just caught WHOLE

Fisherman floored when mammoth grouper fish gulps down a four-foot-long shark'Wooooooooo! Oh my god! Oh my god!'The huge fish took off with the shark -

Pregnant Kentucky police officer told she must stay on patrol or take unpaid leave

The Florence Police Department say they are unable to grant officer Lyndi Trischler paid leave She has been told she has to keep on working

Darren Wilson 'was severely beaten by Michael Brown'

Darren Wilson, 28, had serious facial injuries following the August 9 incident in the St Louis suburb including a fractured eye socketPolice source told Fox

Lawyer says arrested Americans under suicide watch

Heather Mack, 19, and Tommy Schaefer, 21, are 'depressed' and have been placed on suicide watchPolice confirmed through a urine test that Mack is pregnant

Indiana police investigate possible link in moms' mysterious disappearances after they vanish just 20 miles apart from each other

Joelle Lockwood, 30, and Kristy Kelley, 27, from Indiana vanished just 20 miles apart Ms Lockwood was last seen leaving a party on July 9

Father accused of killing DUI driver who ran over his two sons leaves court as jurors are shown dash cam video of the crash including his devastated wife's screams

David Barajas, 32, is accused of shooting Jose Banda in December 2012 near Alvin, Texas, minutes after Banda drove into and killed his two sonsBarajas

Inside the ruins of Gaza's airport: Photographs show how transport hub named in honour of Yasser Arafat and that was open for just three years has been destroyed by neglect and war 

Yasser Arafat International Airport was built in Rafah in 1998 with millions of dollars in foreign grantsEgypt, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Germany and other European

Teen suspended after saying 'bless you' to another student who sneezed

'Godly speaking' was banned by a teacher in the classroom at Dyer County High School in Tennessee Kendra Turner spent the rest of the day

Sierra Leone's 365 deaths from ebola linked back to one healer who claimed she could cure victims from Guinea of the disease

Outbreak need never have spread from Guinea, health officials revealIt happened because of a herbalist in a remote border village, they saidEbola has killed more

Robin Williams death certificate reveals tragic comedy legends ashes have been scattered at his beloved San Francisco Bay

By Mike Larkin for MailOnline Published: 01:51 GMT, 21 August 2014 | Updated: 02:11 GMT, 21 August 2014
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