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EXCLUSIVE: Revealed, Muslim convert who brought mayhem to Canada listened to extremist rants with terror suspect who went to fight in Syria

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, who shot dead Cpl Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa on Sunday was caught listening to fanatical tapes with Hasibullah YusuzfaiYusuzfai was charged under

Man, 85, is 'tied up for 20 HOURS and robbed' after wining and dining 17-year-old twin sisters he met on a sugar daddy dating site

Paul Aronson, 85, was tied to a coffee table for 20 hours after he took 17-year-old twins Shalaine and Shaina Foster to dinner and

It's an Eagle! Bird of prey steals golfer's ball from the green in the middle of his game

By James Gordon Published: 20:27 EST, 24 October 2014 | Updated: 20:29 EST, 24 October 2014

Hazmat team empties Ebola doctor's apartment WITHOUT gloves, face masks or any protective gear 

A HazMat team was sent in to sterilize the apartment of NYC Ebola patient Craig Spencer on FridayThe team spent almost the entire day in

Oklahoma man, 29, 'drove a car into Ten Commandments monument, smashing it to pieces, because Satan told him to do it'

Michael Reed Jr allegedly drove car into Ten Commandments monument Following day, he 'made derogatory statements about President Obama'Included threats to kill the President, as well

Engineers create London footbridge that unfolds like a paper concertina

Bridge spans 65ft (20 metre) width of Paddington's Grand Union CanalThe structure looks like a conventional bridge six days of the weekBut every noon on

Oklahoma inmate attacks lawyer, then gets life

Oklahoma murderer Kevin Sweat's punishment was delayed an hour after he slashed his attorney Peter Astor in court causing a minor neck woundSweat was sentenced on Friday

Honey Boo Boo shock claim that Mama June's now adult daughter was victim of child molester 

Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell tells Radar was molested by Mark McDaniel, the man her mother is now allegedly datingMama June continues to deny being romantically involved

The night a bogus medium conned the Queen into trying to contact her father

 The Queen attended a seance led by 'medium' Lilian Bailey in 1953Prince Philip, the Queen Mother and Princess Alexandra were also there Mrs Bailey claimed her

My doomed love affair with Cary Grant - by Sophia Loren

By Sophia Loren Published: 16:02 EST, 24 October 2014 | Updated: 18:51 EST, 24 October 2014

Should Harper Beckham really still be using a dummy at the age of three?

Victoria Beckham pictured leaving shop carrying daughter with dummyAt three, Harper Beckham is well beyond the recommended cut-off pointPregnancy expert warns prolonged dummy use puts

The £80 water heater that fits inside your mug and boils your cuppa

Miito gadget comprises a metal rod, which is placed into a cup of liquid and an induction plate, which is used like a coasterBase creates

Marysville school shooting as student opens fire in cafeteria

Shooting took place at 10.39am at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Marysville, about 35 miles from SeattleShooter identified as Jaylen Fryberg, 15, a freshman at the school  Four

At least one deputy killed in bloody tirade across California after carjacker shot three officers and motorist

Hispanic man and female companion stole three cars across SacramentoShot dead first officer as he stole car outside a motel at 10.27am, police sayDrove around

Watch the world's health crises in REAL TIME: Outbreak map reveals spread of deadly diseases around the globe 

Updating map of the word shows outbreaks, cases and deaths from viral and bacterial diseases, including Ebola, anthrax, meningitis and avian fluQuick glance indicates the

Future is brighter for prostate cancer sufferers after study finds that sunshine could stop tumour growth 

Vitamin D can help to block chemical known to encourage tumour growth Study used computer programme to analyse prostate cell samplesResearchers say findings could have implications

White House security dogs Hurricane and Jordan who were brutally kicked by White House intruder head back to work as they recover from their bruises

Hurricane and Jordan stopped Dominic Adesanya, 23, from reaching the executive mansion after he hopped over the fence on Wednesday nightAdesanya kicked one of the

Prosecutors in Oscar Pistorius case consider appeal which could see him face a murder conviction

Prosecutors have met with a criminal law expert to discuss an appealOscar Pistorius was give a five-year prison sentence on Tuesday If found guilty of murder,

Kevin Charles Brown committed suicide after interviewed over Claire Hough murder

Kevin Charles Brown, 62, found dead as police 'prepared to arrest him'Had been questioned over 1984 murder of Claire Hough, 14She was found mutilated at

Heartbreaking homecoming as the body of fallen Canadian Corporal Nathan Cirillo is returned to his hometown along the Highway of Heroes

The body of Corporal Nathan Cirillo was returned to Hamilton, Ontario from Ottawa earlier todayThe 24-year-old solider was fatally shot on Wednesday while guarding the
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