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Princess Olympia of Greece - fashion's newest 'It' girl

Maria-Olympia's parents are Crown Princess Marie-Chantal and Crown Prince Pavlos, whose father was the King of Greece until the monarchy was abolished in 1973Her mother

McKinney, Texas found to be the best small city to live in America?

Time Inc.'s Money magazine set out to find the best small cities in the U.S.They looked at more than 50 factors in all to make

The secret to a long life? 80% of men could avoid a heart attack with just four simple lifestyle changes

Not smoking, taking exercise and drinking in moderation key to reducing riskHealthy diet and having a waist measuring below 37 inches also crucialGiving up each

Iraq vet, 42, 'who stormed the White House had more than 800 rounds of ammunition, a machete and two hatchets stashed in his car'

Omar Gonzalez 'scaled the fence outside the White House, dashed across the lawn and entered the executive mansion with a knife' He appeared in court Monday

'We use MSG! We don't believe in organic food and we don't give a f*** about gluten-free': San Francisco restaurant owner takes stand against 'hard to please' customers

The owner said he was becoming increasingly annoyed with customers Closed after patron refused to pay because he didn't enjoy the mealHas now re-opened but asks 'hard

Newly-crowned Miss America was kicked out of her sorority last year for hazing recruits to the point of BRUISING

Kira Kazantsev of New York was crowned Miss America on September 14 It has been revealed that the 22-year-old was kicked out of her sorority last

Often go to bed late? It could leave you with a chronic sleep disorder: Millions think they're just night owls. In fact, they could be wreaking havoc on their body clocks

Niamh Spence, 23, from Manchester, has survived on little sleep for 4 yearsNow doesn't feel tired before 3am and she can't sleep before 3.30amShe is

Would you like a brioche bun with that? McDonald's testing Build Your Burger program which allows customers to choose from more than 20 mix-and-match toppings

The fast-food chain started testing the program at two Orange County, California restaurants last year and recently expanded to two moreCustomers order from a tablet

Three Afghan soldiers who vanished from Massachusetts military base are FOUND trying to cross into Canada

The three soldiers were reported missing from Joint Base Cape Cod on Saturday after last being seen at a nearby mallThe trio - Major Jan

Most common birthday for American babies is the late summer

Three charts were created using CDC data by American graduate Dan LinSeptember 12, 18, 25 and 26 found to be the most common days for

Meagan Good says leaked nude photos 'were for my husband'

New wave of celebrity nude photos have been leaked on 4chan and RedditFilm and television actress Meagan Good confirms photos of her were leakedThink Like

Forget Tinder, Cuddlr app matches people who want 'no-pressure intimacy'

Cuddlr is a location-based social-meeting app just for cuddlingTo request a cuddle from a specific person, tap their photoEach request can be sent with a

Mothers share benefits of extended breastfeeding

Research found breastfeeding mothers often made to feel 'uncomfortable'Extended breastfeeding isn't viewed as 'normal' in UKBut World Health Organisation recommend it up to two years

Chinese boy leaps back up after being hit by speeding car

Boy runs straight to his father after climbing back to his feet after incidentFather was on the phone and did not notice red sedan car

Over 700 babies tested for TB after El Paso hospital employee is diagnosed

The nursery employee at El Paso hospital tested positive on August 25 TB is highly infectious and infants that contract it are at serious risk Symptoms can be

William Lopez who wrongly served 23 years dies from ashthma attack

William Lopez was freed in January 2013 after long protesting his innocenceHe had been convicted of the 1989 shooting of a drug dealer at a

Was the 'Big Bang signal' just DUST? Scientists observed 'polluted' skies and not the beginning of the universe, data reveals

Using the Bicep2 telescope, scientists looked at specific patterns in light waves within the faint microwave glow left from the Big BangThey found pattern which

Spanish missionary Manuel Garcia Viejo arrives home in isolation chamber after Ebola infection

Manuel Garcia Viejo was flown home aboard a Spanish military planeHe landed in Madrid this morning where doctors will battle to save his life Sierra Leone's

CBS executive's wife Jill Tarlov dies days after collision with cyclist in Central Park

The family of Jill Tarlov, 59, announced her death on MondayThe mother of two was left brain dead after being hit by a cyclist in

Navy SEAL shot 27 times by Al Qaeda shares his amazing survival story

Mike Day was serving in Iraq when he came face-to-face with four terroristsBody armour took 11 strikes - despite being designed to withstand just one Day
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