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What was he THINKING? The moment man climbs on top of a dead whale carcass as a school of SHARKS close in for a freezing frenzy

The whale's carcass has been floating in the ocean off the coast of West Australia for several weeksThe man jumped off a boat and swam

Fanatics sink to a new low: Shocking photograph shows ISIS supporter getting a BABY to kick the severed head of a Syrian soldier

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Toddler encouraged to kick severed headISIS fanatic seen smiling as child pushes the rotting head of Syrian soldierA photo of a crucified

'The day I meet Oscar has to come': Reeva Steenkamp's mother reveals she wants to ask Oscar Pistorius face to face why he killed her daughter

June Steenkamp says she is prepared to meet Oscar Pistorius face to faceBut she is adamant an apology for shooting her daughter is 'not enough'Prosecutors

JK Rowling's revenge: Harry Potter author reveals she based one of her most evil characters on a teacher she hated at school

JK Rowling said hated character was based on a teacher from school saysShe did not reveal the identity of woman who inspired Dolores UmbridgeBut she

Taking creepy to new heights: New app lets you Facebook stalk your fellow passengers before boarding a plane

Fliers can effectively Facebook stalk their seat neighbour with new appTravellers can log in anonymously to surf profiles of other passengers  App also allows users to

Bye Filipe Instagram account reveals women's online dating horror stories

Bye Felipe allows women to share the most outrageous messages that they have received via dating websites and apps like TinderAlexandra Tweten started the account

'The operation is safe': says doctor behind Tiny Harris' eye implant

Dr. Menif Montasser performed the surgery on Tameka 'Tiny' Harris'   He said the surgery was performed under a local anestheticHe explained that doctors make three incisions in

Phoenix Suns players left terrified as DINOSAUR jumps out on them when they arrive for training

By Wills Robinson for MailOnline Published: 19:28 EST, 31 October 2014 | Updated: 01:43 EST, 1 November 2014

Conservative school board votes to remove information about contraception from a biology book because it flouts state law

Members of the Gilbert Public Schools board, voted 3-2 to take out two pages from ‘Campbell Biology: Concepts and Connections’The board covers at least 38

Zombie schoolgirls, killer clowns and ... EBOLA: Hazmat suits and disease quarantine centers take center stage at annual NYC Halloween Parade

The annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade kicked off at 7pm in Manhattan on Friday nightColorful event stretches for more than a mile along Sixth Avenue

Fingerprints are not covered by the Fifth Amendment: Court ruling could mean police could have greater access to a defendant's iPhone or iPad using their touch ID - but it's protected if they have a passcode 

Virginia court decision says officers will be entitled to use defendant's printsHowever, they do not have to give up their passcodes or pin numbers The Fifth Amendment protects

How Virgin Galactic space program has been plagued by fuel problems that killed three engineers in 2007 ahead of fatal explosion at 45,000ft

Explosion in Mojave desert seven years ago was testing rocket fuelNitrous oxide tank blew up - for reasons which have never been determinedPrevious Virgin space

Three teenage girls killed in hit-and-run while trick-or-treating in California

Trio aged between 13 and 16 were hit while crossing the road in Santa Ana Two were pronounced dead at the scene, another died en route

Birmingham, Alabama man, 18, arrested for robbing FOUR Subways because diet didn't work

Zachary Rapheal Torrance, 18, was arrested Thursday in Hueytown, AlabamaPolice allege he robbed four local Subway restaurantsTorrance told detectives their 'Jared Diet' didn't work and

Australian ghost hunter's video 'evidence' that supernatural spirits are among us

Kristy Jane Dean, 32, hunts ghosts and claims to have filmed someShe visited the spooky Larundel Asylum, which is now closed down Hairdresser Kristy wants to

Americans will spend $1.4billion on Halloween costumes this year as part of a $7.4billion industry - and $350million of that is spent on dressing their pets

Americans will spend $7.4billion on decorations, costumes and candy75million adults will dress in costume - and 14% will also dress up their pets Popular costumes for

Writer files $1M defamation lawsuit against the producers of American Hustle for being misquoted in the famous 'science oven' scene with Jennifer Lawrence

Science writer Brodeur wrote for The New Yorker for 40 yearsHe wrote a book about microwaves called The Zapping of AmericaA scene in American Hustle quotes Brodeur

How pilots watched their friend die: Virgin Galactic astronauts in mid-air launch plane return to relieved families after separating minutes before doomed spacecraft exploded

Rick 'CJ' Sturckow is one of the small pool of Virgin Galactic space pilotsMailOnline can reveal he was flying launch craft - not doomed space

Heidi Klum spreads her wings and takes flight in a colourfully buggy costume for her annual Halloween bash

By Helen Zhao And Jennifer Pearson for MailOnline Published: 17:12 EST, 31 October 2014 | Updated: 22:12 EST, 31 October 2014

Herbalife to settle class action lawsuit over alleged pyramid scheme for $15M but denies any liability

Civil rights groups alleged in 2013 Herbalife unfairly targets minoritiesHerbalife made $4.8 billion in sales last year and uses a wide network of independent distributors
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