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Chicago's first black major league baseball player Minnie Minoso dies

Minnie Minoso, who he became major league baseball's first black player in Chicago in 1951, has died, the Cook County medical examiner said SundayMinoso played

Ikea to launch desks, tables and lamps to charge phones and other devices wirelessly

Qi wireless technology will power-up devices placed on/near the furnitureHome Spot range will hit stores in Europe and North America next month80+ Qi-enabled smartphones

Queen Letizia looks elegant as she welcomes the Colombian president's wife to Spain

Queen Letizia welcomed Colombian First Lady Maria Clemencia Rodriguez Joined husband King Felipe in event at El Pardo palace outside MadridKing Felipe VI escorted Colombian president

Leonard Nimoy's passion for photography celebrated after his death as he championed models with fuller figures

Nimoy's collection The Full Body Project from 2007 featured obese women photographed in the nude His subjects are the plus-size burlesque group The Fat-Bottom Revue from

Terrorists are leaving secret messages on websites like eBay and Reddit to communicate with each other

Al-Qaeda encrypts its messages in goods offered for sale on eBay, according to new claims from the book Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the

Charmayne Maxwell from '90s R&B group Brownstone dies from 'accidental' fall

Charmayne Maxwell was attending a match in Los AngelesHer death has been described as an 'accident' by Danish media She leaves behind her music producer husband

Cherry King who killed himself after authorities found secret drug den could have been making more than $10MILLION a year

Arthur Mondella, 57, president of Dell's Maraschino Cherries factory in Brooklyn, shot himself dead at his home last TuesdayAuthorities found a secret drug lab inside

Alaska begs Boston for its winter back as frigid state is one of the only places in America that's WARMER than usual

Winter has seen snow in almost every state, and frigid lows in the Northeast - but Alaska is balmy by comparisonIn largest city, Anchorage, snow

Is 'emotional last farewell' fly past of Penang island the key clue to the mystery of missing Malaysia flight MH370? British pilot's theory

Theory of Simon Hardy, a senior Boeing 777 captain, has gained support from one of Britain’s top flight safety specialistsOverflying of Penang is ‘perhaps the

William Shatner defends missing Leonard Nimoy's funeral

Actor, 83, who played Captain Kirk was seen at a Florida airport on FridayWalked with his wife Elizabeth with tears streaming down his cheeks Was the

Several America's Next Top Model contestants fell into drugs and violence

Former contestant Mirjana Puhar was killed in a triple homicide last week Cycle eight's Renee Alway was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2014 for

'Jiggly boy' returns for Kevin Garnett's first game with Timberwolves

John Sweeney stripped off his jersey and body rolled to Usher's YeahHe had 'Welcome home KG' scribbled on his chest and his sons were his

14-year-old Alabama girl is killed after planning to join in videotaped fight with other teens she clashed with on Facebook

Police identified the teenager as Kierra'onna RiceShe had planned to go along and fight another group of girls in a park The groups agreed to film

Jihadi John smoked cannabis and drank vodka despite being Muslim

Jihadi John smoked cannabis and dressed like a gangster rapper at schoolISIS executioner has been unmasked as Londoner Mohammed EmwaziHe had an obsessive crush on

Fighter jet part of Pentagon's $400 billion program unable to carry highly advanced bombs because of design flaw

Fighter jet F-35B's internal weapons bay is too small for a Small Diameter Bomb II (SDB II) loadThough it's mandated that an F-35B hold eight

Jeffrey Epstein 'sex slave' Virginia Roberts was a 'money-hungry sex kitten', ex friends claim

Virginia Roberts claims she was recruited to Epstein's harem in 1999Named Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz as men she had to 'service'Her friends say there

Now your HEADPHONES know how healthy you are: New earpieces for fitness buffs track movements and calories burned - all while playing your favourite workout tunes

Huawei unveiled its activity tracking headphones in BarcelonaThe headset can track steps, store songs and be used to make callsHeadphones feature a built-in accelerometer and

Astronauts complete tricky repair job on ISS with third spacewalk

Engineers analyzed a water leak in one of the astronauts' helmets'They also had to fix a pressure sensor that malfunctioned in second suitNASA said the

Sperm donor and mum fell in love after he first met their baby

Woman falls in love with sperm donor 10 months after daughter is bornThe couple go onto naturally conceive another girl 12 months laterBut the father's

British authorities foiled ink cartridge plot to bring down planes 'after tip-off obtained from torture'

British authorities intercepted bomb at East Midlands airport after 'tip off'Plastic explosives discovered on cargo planes travelling to the US Intelligence from Saudi Arabia 'came after
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