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Transgender teen Jazz Jennings releases first book targeting children

Jazz Jennings, 14, was born male but has lived as a female since she was five-years-old A doctor diagnosed her with gender dysphoria or gender identity

British woman dead in Bangkok after cosmetic surgery

24-year-old stopped breathing after being given anaesthetic, say police Doctor Sompob Saensiri 'not qualified for operation' and has been arrested Police are investigating whether clinic had proper life-saving

Could walls that SWEAT replace air conditioning

Architects in Barcelona have invented a new type of air conditioningA substance called hydrogel can absorb water and then 'sweat'When water evaporates from the substance

Anatoly Moskvin dug up 150 girls graves to hold 'birthday parties' for them

Anatoly Moskvin exhumed 150 corpses of girls aged between three and 12He dressed decomposing bodies and skeletons in stockings and dresses Mummified the corpses, gave them

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau 'communicated with British hate preacher Anjem Choudary on Twitter'

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed government HQ and killed soldier, WednesdayOn Monday Martin Ahmad Rouleau rammed car into two Canadian soldiersIt emerged today that both followed Anjem

British tourist Stuart Gravenell savaged by ape during visit to Gibraltar

Stuart Gravenell, 53, attacked by pack of apes in Gibraltar nature reserveLargest Barbary macaque sunk teeth deep into his arm and shook head Pain so intense that former IT

Bob Geldof attacks family court over treatment of Peaches and Fifi

After 1995 split from Yates judges ruled she should take children with herIt left Geldof, 63, only permitted to see them once a fortnight at

Robert F Kennedy's former press secretary Frank Mankiewicz dead at 90

Frank Mankiewicz was the press secretary for Senator Robert F KennedyHe announced the Senator's death after he was assassinated in 1968Political adviser was director of President John F. Kennedy's Peace

Exposure to UV rays releases protein which helps metabolism

Moderate exposure to UV rays causes skin to release protein nitric oxideNitric oxide slows the development of obesity and type II diabetesExperts are calling for

Brandon Vandenburg's attorney says he was 'too drunk to rape anyone'

Authorities say suspect Brandon Vandenburg took 21-year-old to a bar June 23 and then brought her unconscious to his door roomHis lawyer now says he

Britain is worst in the West for inactivity 

Report says the UK is now even worse than the US for inactivityLack of exercise can lead to depression, heart disease and dementiaExperts blame demanding

Yoga Man shocking commuters with upside down yoga on Sydney's Cityrail trains

To the amusement of commuters, this man has been pictured performing yoga on Sydney trains for yearsIt does not matter whether the carriage is packed

Doctors warn speeding of biological clock means women will take four years to conceive

Number of eggs needed for pregnancy rises 'almost exponentially' after 42  Careers and hunt for 'Mr Right' are causing women to put off motherhood Nearly half of

Women who lose 11lb conceive up to two weeks faster

Those who were slim benefited just as much as those who were fatBut those who were helped most were at the heaver end of normal weightStudy also

Ikea reveals convertible standing desk that can become a normal desk

Firm hopes to benefit from popularity of standing desksClaims standing can improve health and productivity By Mark Prigg for MailOnline Published: 18:58 EST, 23 October

Dwyane Wade accepts grandmother's one-on-one challenge for her 90th birthday and gets beaten adorably

Illuminada Magtoto, who goes by Grandma Nelly, challenged Wade for her 90th birthday over YouTubeThe Heat guard accepted the challenge and faced off in a

Texas hospital is using fake patients sprayed with TABASCO SAUCE to train doctors how not to come in contact with the deadly virus dripping into U.S territory

At the Ebola unit at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, the staff have been treating fake patients sprayed with Tabasco sauceWhen human skin

'His smile wins over the girls - he will go far in life': How Ottawa shooter's yearbook paints a VERY different picture of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau 

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau seems like a much different man based on quotes from his friends in his high school yearbookWhile a senior at  Ecole Secondaire Saint

The travel and tipping habits of the rich and famous REVEALED through a deciphered New York taxicab database

The routes of Katherine Heigl, Bradley Cooper, Kourtney Kardashian, Ashlee Simpson, Emma Roberts and more could be found by using taxi medallion numbers from paparazzi

Autopsy shows black teenager gunned down by off-duty police officer in St Louis was shot six times in the back - as family attorney says it PROVES he was running away

Vonderrit Myers Jr was shot by off-duty police officer on October 9 Autopsy shows he was shot six times in the back before fatal head woundFamily
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