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Delays, malfunctions, and now a catastrophic crash: How risk-taker Richard Branson's wild-eyed plan to rocket into space has been marred by disaster

SpaceShipTwo, Richard Branson's unprecedented project, was flying under rocket power then tweeted that it 'experienced an in-flight anomaly'Virgin Galactic confirmed craft exploded. Images show debris

Canada imposes visa ban on nations where Ebola raging

Canada has stopped issuing visas to people from the West African countries at the heart of the Ebola outbreakAuthorities said they made the decision because

Walmart forced to pull 'Pashtun Papa' Halloween costume after Twitter users brand it 'racist' and 'offensive'

Walmart posted an advert for $39.95 'Pashtun Papa' costume on its websiteOutfit features a beige top, a brown vest, a turban and a long, gray

Ax-wielding attacker on loose after assault on Washington, D.C., cop as NYPD is put on high alert following 'terrorist attack' in Queens last week

Suspect smashed the window of a marked police car at 3.20am on FridayOfficer then chased the man and tackled him - but suspect escaped NYPD released

Cybersecurity experts say White House hackers likely based in RUSSIA as Obama administration says its computers are under attack EVERY DAY

White House acknowledges daily attempts to intrude on its computer networksAdministration fears that Vladimir Putin's government is behind one recent effort that rattled government IT

Former Florida A&M band member found GUILTY of manslaughter in drum major's hazing death

Prosecutors said Dante Martin, 27, was known as 'the president of Bus C' and organized the hazing ritual that led to Robert Champion's death in

Indiana family buy dream home only to discover it's contaminated with METH

Jenny and Chris Nugent bought a home in Mooresville, Indiana, last year after it past inspection The couple and their three children started getting sick every

Eric Frein was found after 48-day manhunt because of a ROUTINE SWEEP and not police work

Eric Frein, 31,was discovered by police on Thursday evening not because of a tip or any strategic work, but because of a random sweep Frein was found near an abandoned airplane hangar

Suspect Robert Falcon charged with murdering celebrity tattoo artist Trigz

Robert Falcon, 31, charged with killing famed LA tattoo artist Trigz October 9The victim, whose real name was Michael Christopher Pebley, inked celebrities such as

Virgin Galactic spaceship has in-flight problem

SpaceShipTwo was flying under rocket power and then tweeted that it had 'experienced an in-flight anomaly'Virgin Galactic confirmed craft had exploded Images show parts of the

U.S. government sues Gerber over 'false claims that its baby formula can prevent allergies'

Gerber put labels on its formula saying it would 'reduce risk of allergies'Federal Trade Commission claims labels contained bogus informationAdds that firm falsely suggested

Parallel universes DO exist - and they interact, theory suggests

The parallel worlds constantly influence one another, researchers claimThis is because, instead of a collapse in which quantum particles 'choose' to occupy one state or another, they

Mama June's mother speaks out

Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell, 20, spoke out about claims that her mother has rekindled her romance with Mark McDaniel, who 'abused Anna as a child'She slammed

Kim Jong-Un has military official shot for changing karaoke song's lyrics

Man changed words from 'Hate your enemies, love your country,' to 'Hate your wife, love your mistress'Fuming North Korean despot said it was a

Mystery of teenage girls who vanished on their way to a Halloween party 45 years ago 

Patricia Spencer, 17, and her 15-year-old friend Pamela Hobley went missing on October 31, 1969 The girls went to a high school football game in Oscoda,

Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for nurse

Judge Charles C. LaVerdiere said there's no need to restrict her movements because she's not showing symptoms of EbolaIt was revealed in court documents that

New York City to pay $2.25M to the family of mentally ill homeless veteran who 'baked to death' in his Rikers Island jail cell

By Associated Press and MailOnline Reporter Jerome Murdough, 56, had internal body temperature of at least 100 degrees when he was found dead in a cell in Rikers

Cowboys fan goes berserk at his team's loss to Washington during overtime and smashes up his house ... including the fish tank

A video of the destructive scene was posted to YouTube and has since gone viralThe man can be seen overturning tables and even a fish

Archaeologists fail to find remains within Alexander the Great-era tomb

The tomb is situated in the Amphipolis region of Serres in GreeceHuge burial site is said to date back to between 325 and 300 BCThis

Armed robber in President Obama mask on the loose after raiding New Hampshire Dunkin' Donuts

The disguised male suspect entered the store on Lowell Road, Salem, on Tuesday just after 8pm, brandishing a small black hand gunPolice are currently hunting for the
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