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Man charged with killing Saudi college student

Abdullah Alkadi, 23, was found dead along Interstate 10 east of Los AngelesHe was last seen shortly after he sold an Audi through Craigslist28-year-old Agustin

Former Navy SEAL Kristin Beck, who retired to become female, speaks at conference of transgender soldiers to discuss U.S. military's ban

Kristin Beck - formerly Chris - addressed a conference in D.C. MondaySaid she could still serve her country just as well after gender changeBut Pentagon

Search area shifts and Pennsylvania school district boosts security after sighting of survivalist gunman who killed state trooper 

Police are focusing their search on area near Pocono Mountain East High School in SwiftwaterA woman spotted rifle-toting man with a mud-covered face near the

Hillary Clinton is joined by Cameron Diaz as she and Bill ignore Monica Lewinsky's public re-emergence (but the husband and wife did stay on opposite sides of the country)

Pair attended fundraisers in hundreds of miles apart in Baton Rouge and San FranciscoEx-White House intern said earlier that she 'fell in love with her

Woman who got stuck in chimney had been dumped by homeowner she met online and had already been caught on his roof once before

Police responded to calls that crying was heard from the chimney in a home in Thousand Oaks early Sunday morning Firefighters used demolition hammers to break

Protesters disrupt Metropolitan Opera premiere of controversial production dramatizing the murder of a Jewish American by Palestinian terrorists

The Death of Klinghoffer has been controversial since it was first performedThe subject of the opera, Leon Klinghoffer, was killed by the Palestinian Liberation Front

Teacher, 24, 'admitted to having sex with male cheerleader after being confronted with naked photo she had sent him'

Ashley Zehnder, a biology teacher and assistant cheer coach, 'had a months-long sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student on the cheer squad'The relationship came to

Radicalized Canadian Muslim convert runs down two young soldiers in his car before being shot dead by police

Martin Couture-Rouleau, 25, smashed his car into soldiers in Quebec Reportedly then drove off boasting to 911 about striking in name of AllahPolice pursued him until

Girl, 16, with a heart condition collapses and dies while walking through haunted house

Christian Faith Benge collapsed midway through a tour at the Haunted Scream Park outside Middletown, OhioShe was rushed to a hospital, but could not be

Halloween reveler pokes fun at domestic violence by dressing as Ray Rice dragging life-size blow up doll of wife he beat unconscious

The shocking photos appeared on a Reddit forum reserved for taboo jokes called Too SoonVisitors to the forum were unfazed by the joke, though subsequent

Free late at last! Ebola children rush back to school in Dallas after release form 21 day quarantine as a relative of Thomas Eric Duncan is pictured hours after being given the all clear

Quarantined people had come into contact with Thomas Eric DuncanPicture has emerged of man waving and with a smile on his face Louise Troh, his fiancée,

Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta dies aged 82

By Iona Kirby for MailOnline Published: 21:00 EST, 20 October 2014 | Updated: 21:09 EST, 20 October 2014

Woman uses Halloween T-shirt to tell her husband she's pregnant

Woman, known only as Leslie, bought T-shirt picturing human rib cageShe then fixed iron-on graphic of smiling baby skeleton to bottom of itDonning item, she

Darren Deon Vann: Suspected Indiana serial killer's marriage to a woman 29 years older than him revealed as he's accused of killing seven women over 20 years 

Police in Gary, say Darren Deon Vann could have been killing since 1990sCops told reporters he admitted to killing Afrikka Hardy, 19, on FridayMade contact via,

Forget second shooters and conspiracy theories, evidence suggests JFK could have lived if Secret Service agents hadn't shown up sleep deprived from late-night drinking

The Warren Commission took issue with the conduct of several agents who had been out late the night before and were accused of drinkingOne agent

Controversial CEO of oil giant Total killed in private jet plane crash after aircraft hit snow plough on take-off from Moscow airport

Christophe de Margerie, 63, was only passenger on Falcon 50 at VnukovoPlane is thought to have had four crew members on board who also diedAircraft collided

New York City pays $200,000 to store homeless woman's belongings

Amanda Logan, 54, was left homeless after suffering a strokeThe city will pay to store belongings and Logan was using 11 storage lockers By James Gordon Published:

Secret Ebola patient whose identity was kept from the public emerges from hospital but NOT from hiding as he's moved home 'to undisclosed location'

The male patient was being treated at Atlanta's Emory University Hospital since early SeptemberThe patient, who is the only one on American soil who to

Kristin Davis claims sexual harassment and 'degredation' in Rikers Island

Kristin Davis, 38, was found guilty of dealing prescription drugs this monthThe notorious madam faces 24 months inside the New York jailHas described how she
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