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Teens survive Ford Bronco crash after one lights driver's ARMPIT hair on fire

Driver Tristian Myer cited for inattentive drivingFour other unidentified passengers treated for injury but none sustained life-threatening damageMyer lied to police telling them he swerved

Beluga, 'world's 'strangest-looking plane', celebrates 20 years since taking to the skies

Airbus A300-600ST, nicknamed the 'Beluga' made its maiden flight in 1994Earned moniker for its uncanny resemblance to the whaleAircraft is used to transport large plane parts to Airbus'

British Imams appeal to ISIS terrorists to release aid worker Alan Henning

Alan Henning is seen speaking to volunteers in Turkish fast food restaurantThe men praise Mr Henning's personal sacrifice and selfless aid workThe father-of-two remains modest,

Billy the Kid looks cleaned up in latest picture to emerge of infamous outlaw

New image reportedly shows Billy the Kid, real name Henry McCarty, as a younger man Only authenticated image of the American outlaw was sold at auction

How university can turn your daughter into an ALCOHOLIC 

Bethany Cleasby, 26, from Oxford, developed a serious addiction at Southampton universityShe had spent all of  her maintenance loan on alcohol before she finished her first termBethany

Millions head to independence referendum voting booths across Scotland

More than 150,000 still undecided on most prolific vote in country's historyTurnout expected to be high, with 4285,323 people registered to vote16 and 17-year-olds will

Alex Salmond, the man determined to shatter the UK

Today Alex Salmond could preside over greatest upheaval in 300 yearsIt is climax of long journey for boy raised on Linlithgow council estateHe was key

James Brown's daughter Yamma says watching him beat mom led her to accept abuse

Yamma Brown says seeing domestic violence at a young age led her to accept it in her own marriage for ten yearsThe Godfather of Soul's

Joan Rivers' throat specialist Dr Gwen Korovin appeared in Celine Dion documentary

Dr Gwen Korovin appeared in Celine Dion's 2010 film 'Through the Eyes of the World' and was filmed performing a laryngoscopy on the singerThe 56-year-old

Scottish independence No campaigners 'projection bomb' famous landmarks

No campaigners projected a clear message on the side of three landmarksEdinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and the Armadillo were lit up last nightLabour leader Ed

Children as young as 10 made treasure found near Stonehenge, historians believe

Ornate jewellery and daggers crafted 4,000 years ago found in Bush BarrowOne dagger had a wooden handle decorated with 140,000 tiny gold studsHistorians

Missing American bacehlorette party turns up in California as storm-ravaged Cabo San Lucas braces for ANOTHER hurricane

The group of eight women arrived in San Diego Wednesday nightCabo San Lucas continues to rebuild after the destructive hurricane hit Sunday Many locals are still

In it to win it! Flutist at world competition performs despite having a BUTTERFLY perch on top of her face

Flautist Yuki Ota skillfully performed in concert, as a butterfly was perched on top of her noseThe butterfly landed on top of Ota's forehead before landing

Junkie Jihadi John? Expert claims slurred speech of ISIS executioner in beheading video of Brit hostage David Haines could have been down to drugs 

Vocal expert says killer's speech pattern could be affected by stimulant khatKhat is used by jihadis in Yemen and among UK's Somali community Video also features

Severe respiratory illness confirmed in 12 states

As of Wednesday both Minnesota and New Jersey have confirmed cases of the severe virus enterovirus 68  Officials say Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky,

'This is miracle': Man's beloved 1967 Jaguar discovered in a shipping container headed to the Netherlands 46 years after it was stolen in New York

Ivan Schneirder says his Jaguar XKE was stolen off the streets of New York in 1968Car could be sold for anywhere from $23,000 to $100,000

Ben Affleck admits to counting cards at casino

By Chelsea White for MailOnline Published: 23:54 GMT, 17 September 2014 | Updated: 04:03 GMT, 18 September 2014

Still not safe to go in the water! Not one but two great whites spotted off the coast of Cape Cod

The great whites are regulars in the region according to the expert who tagged themThey represent the ninth and tenth great whites to be tagged by

Downton Abbey stars weigh in on Scottish independence at series five premiere...and their views are just as mixed as the polls

Stars spoke about independence from red carpet in Leicester Square Creator Julian Fellowes said he would be sad to see the union lostActor Jim Carter refused

'No campaign negativity has totally swayed my view': Andy Murray comes off the fence to let his 2.7m followers know his feelings just hours before independence vote

Ex-Wimbledon champion appears to have taken a side early this morningOlympic gold medallist told his 2.7million followers that it was a 'huge' dayIn the past
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